Wednesday, August 08, 2007


So we took the kiddos to visit this new place off 249 called It'z. If you've ever been to Gattiland then its just like that, but they also have indoor rides. Noah wasn't feeling his best, but he did seem to have fun. He mostly wanted to spend all of his points on those games where you use the little crane thing to pick up stuffed animals. Well, we totally were bad at it and couldn't win one, but there were all these 10 year olds around us winning left and right. Josh and I felt old! :) He did get to use his tickets on this little gummy spider thing that he was very happy about. I think his favorite part of the day was after all the games when we got some icecream. He wanted to lick it out of the cup like you would an ice cream cone - he thought it was just hysterical. It was pretty cheap, the food was good, and it was easy to do with 2 kids (lots of room for the stroller for Wyatt) so we will definitely be going back!

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