Friday, December 07, 2007

Memorial City Mall

So as I was perusing a friends website I came across pics of her son at a mall playground and just knew we had to take Noah J there. After some googling I figured out it was at Memorial City Mall, so we headed there the next day. They have this awesome playground with tons of tunnels, stairs, slides and ramps. It was really great cause it was gated with a guard, so there weren't big kids in it, and I didn't worry about him running out. And on top of it all, they have a double decker carousel in the food court. Noah was SOOOO excited - he wanted to ride the zebra on the second level.

Every time he goes to the mall he gets a cookie, and this time he saw those dinky doozies and REALLY wanted one. So we thought, why not? So you can see how excited he was about it. And he was also obsessed with the fountains outside, but was too scared to run through it. Josh had to pick him up and run with him. Too funny - playing in the water outside in November! He absolutely did not want to see Santa, and wasn't excited by the ice skating rink. Maybe next year!

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