Monday, December 03, 2007

Setting up Christmas!

Noah was beyond excited to get all the Christmas stuff out of the attic. We set it up last weekend and he was obsessed with just about everything. He especially liked the pyramid - you can see him blowing on it getting it to move. It was really hard so he just gave up and spun it with his hands. He's been really good about everything. He goes and gets his stepstool and drags it to the stuff he wants to see/touch, but he's been super gentle and so far nothing has broken.

He was also giddy when we pulled out the blow up Santa that Granny gave us last year. In the top picture he was peeking at it as it blew up - he couldn't believe it was going to stand. He was so happy about it that he got his elephant chair from the garage and brought it out and sat next to Santa in it. We were cracking up. But when we unplugged him he had to grab his chair and run - he was panicked that Santa would fall over on his chair! So that's the next picture - him grabbing the chair and getting ready to run!

The last picture is Noah's masterpiece - we call it "Santa in hat." We have this little metal tree that has shapes cut out of it. You put a little candle under it and the patterns shine on the wall. Well, Noah thought it was a hat. So he went around the house putting a hat on everything that sat still. He finally decided that this Santa needed a hat. So there you go!

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