Saturday, December 15, 2007

St. Nicholas Day

So, for those of you that don't know December 6th is St. Nicholas Day. My mom celebrated it as a kid in Germany, so celebrated it when I was a kid also. And we're passing the tradition on to our little ones, much to their delight!

We always get/give a stocking (real panty hose!) on the foot of our bed when we wake up in the morning on the 6th, and its full of fruit, nuts, special candy, and little toys! Fun, right?

Noah had a late night the night before, so we didn't want to risk waking him up that morning, so we put the stocking under the tree. He was SOOOO excited that Santa came to see him. He got a Thomas whistle, some trains, an apple, some tub toys, and some chocolates and candy. He really loved each and every thing in it, so we were really happy. Wyatt only got one thing - a ring stacker, cause we were missing parts of Noah's. He really likes it, so we're happy with that too!

The best part of it all was that the night before, at Santa's Wonderland, Noah got really upset when he talked to Santa. He was so incredibly brave to talk to him, since he's so afraid of strangers, and we felt awful cause he thought that when you tell Santa what you want for Christmas that he pulls it out right then and there and gives it to you. Well, once he realized Santa didn't have any trains he got pretty upset. So it worked out really well that it just so happened to fall on the 5th, so the next morning he really thought Santa listened to him!

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