Sunday, August 17, 2008

The noodle and the stairs

One of Wyatt's favorite activities is going up and down stairs. He hasn't quite figured out the down part, but that doesn't stop him from trying to go head first. That's one of the reasons it is often difficult to take him to G&G's house - he cries the whole time cause all he wants to do is the stairs! SO I was a little stressed when he saw these stairs at Granny's house last weekend, but then I was pleasantly surprised cause he can do them all by himself - both ways!

He was so adorable, cause he was trying to get this ball up and down with him and it was so cute. And when he would get to the bottom step he would stand up, so proud of himself. And here's the big announcement - he officially walked! He's taken a step here and there up until now, but while we were at Granny's he actually did real walking - one time about 3 feet and another time about 4. It's so cute! We tried to capture it on video, but only got a smidgen before he fell. I'll have to upload it so y'all can see. He's so cute when he does it cause he sticks his belly out and pulls his shoulders back and then takes these teeny tiny steps. I love this boy!

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