Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Park in Tomball

I have been so terribly neglectful of posting pictures! It's the fact that I can never find the camera to upload the newest pics! So here I am with pictures from a month ago, actually on Superbowl Sunday.

We didn't have any Superbowl plans and the weather was so gorgeous we decided to drive out to the park in Tomball that the kids like so much and have some fun. Even Granny came and visited for a little while! I forgot they had a sandbox, but I had just bought beach toys earlier that day at Target and had left them in the back of the car, so the boys were excited to get to use them! We even made a little tiny sand castle, which of course Noah freaked out about when Wyatt knocked it down.

I've got a few more from this trip that I will try and post tomorrow!

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