Saturday, October 16, 2010

Airport field trip!!

 Well, I'm so lost and confused about time these days I really have no clue when we did this.  Last week?  The week before?  It was definitely October, that much I know!  We took the kids to Hooks airport for a field trip with our homeschool group. 

 The boys got to play around in a flight simulator, and then they let the kids get in a couple of airplanes and fool around.  They were quite excited about the planes!  I have to say, though, that I would be a bit nervous to actually fly in these planes after these kids were in them.  They were rough!!!  And the airport folks just let them do whatever they wanted.  I guess planes are sturdier than I picture them to be? 

While the boys loved the planes, they were mostly excited cause their best friends were able to come.  We did our best to get a group shot of the kids, but that is pretty hard to do with so many little ones!  Noah was especially tickled cause we let him hold Annie all by himself for the picture - you can see how happy he is about it!

After the plane ordeal we had a picnic lunch at the pond that is at the airport.  And this was truly the boys favorite part of the day.  Seriously - they both said that when we had our nightly 'what was your favorite part of the day" conversation over dinner.  They ate only a tiny bit of their picnic lunches, and then fed the ducks the rest of it.  Quite exciting, evidently!  Noah kept telling everyone later on how he didn't get to eat his lunch cause the ducks needed it.  Ummmmm, not quite.  I think it was more one little boy who doesn't like PB&J and was thrilled that he had an excuse to not eat it!!

Little Annie muffin even enjoyed the nice weather in her adorable little dress that Corrie got her!  So excited that we caught this cute picture of her smiling while she was all dolled up!!  I really can't even believe that she is old enough to be smiling at us.  It just breaks my heart she is growing up so quickly!  At 4 weeks she weighed 8 lb 14 oz, so I guess she is still pretty tiny.  We just finally got her into size one diapers - the boys wore those weeks ago.  Maybe she's going to be a wee thing?

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shabana said...

It was such a fun day! Your family is so precious!