Friday, October 29, 2010

The things we let our children do outside

 Yes, they are in their underwear.  Yes, they have McDonald's Clone Wars tattoos on.  And yes, they are outside.  It's how we roll over here at the Marlatt house. 

 They got these tool boxes for Christmas last year, and they are still such a hit.  For some reason they like to put on all the accessories and then just dig up stuff in the flower beds.  Not quite their intended use, but still fun to do, right?  We're still not quite sure why a tool kit has rainbow suspenders in it, but we just go with the flow.  I didn't even realize how absurd they look until Josh ran in to get the camera.   And as a side note, the reason they are always naked outside is that they get in the sprinkler and then take off their wet clothes!
And here's how Annie spent the afternoon, as usual! :)

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