Monday, October 04, 2010

Our little angel

 From here Josh got to take Annie out to the waiting room to meet her brothers while I was whisked off to a labor and delivery room to nurse and recover in.  You can see how pleased the boys were to finally see their sister!

Like I said in an earlier post, they actually let me nurse right away, but they were still in the middle of all the recovery stuff.  You can see in this picture they are still taking my temp, but I got to hold my baby.  It was so great!!  She actually got to nurse about 30 minutes after she was delivered, and she did a great job!  She was wide awake - it was so much easier than waiting a few hours till they are conked out!!

Now here is where the ridiculousness began!  As I am laying there focusing on nursing I notice that Josh has kind of stopped taking pictures and is just standing over by the window.  And then he starts calling the nurse by name, which was just bizarre to me.  The man almost passed out!!!!!  Yes, a half hour after the surgery he thinks he is going to pass out.  So immediately all the nurses rush over to tend to him while I am laying there in disbelief!  They start going over this list of symptoms, and it even went so far that a nurse had to cut off his scrubs!!!  Yes, he sat there while someone cut his pants off of him.  So they're getting him juice and sandwiches, and a bucket to puke into.  I felt concerned for the poor guy, but at the same time I just had to laugh!  The nurse grabbed the camera and got a shot of him sitting over on the couch recovering!  I'm so glad we at least have a picture to commemorate the moment!

After all three of us recovered we went to our assigned room and the boys finally got to meet their sister! You can see how much they were instantly in love with her!

4 weeks later, they are still this much in love with her.  The girl doesn't get a spare moment to breathe without having one of the boys in her face talking to her and kissing her.

These next few pictures are my favorites - they perfectly capture the lighting in the room later that night with just the three of us after everyone left.  It is such a special time where you get to finally breathe and get to examine all the little details you haven't had the chance to see yet.  And everything is just so warm and cozy - you're holding your baby and dozing in and out for hours.  It is so great!

Ohhhhhh, she is just so beautiful.  You just have to wonder what she is dreaming about......

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