Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Annie has toys too!

Yes, the day finally came for Annie muffin to get a toy down from the closet!  Can you tell how excited the boys were about this?  I swear, Wyatt has asked me every single day since we got home from the hospital to get this down for Annie to play with.  So I got it out just to humor him, but she actually really liked it!  I remember when we got this toy down for Noah J.  He must have been around 4 weeks old or so, and he was able to deal with it for about 30 seconds, and then he just broke out into frantic crying.  He was so easily overwhelmed, and still is!  I'm happy to say Annie did much better.  Maybe just because she is so used to being overwhelmed by these two boys all day long!
 I had a teeny tiny happy window, between all the crying and trying to get her to eat, so I wasn't really sure how this would go.  She surprised me so much cause she just loved it!  She even loved the boys getting in her face and talking to her.  Wyatt cracks me up cause he is obsessed with the idea that she needs a toy to play with at all times.  He ran off and got her little pink elephant off of her carseat and laid it down next to her.  He's so sweet!

I love this last photo cause you can see how she is so seriously concentrating on the zebra toy.  Like she just can't quite figure it out.... :)  She was so incredibly chatty that I made a video of it.  Neither of the boys were chatty like this little girl is.... she just coos and ahhs when she is happy or excited.  Maybe she will actually speak before she's 2 years old!  I won't know what to do with myself!!

I loved this small piece of my day cause it is a teeny peek at what Annie can be like when she actually feels good.  She is doing much better now that she is on the second medication, but still we are trying to tweak things and get it just right.  And of course getting her to eat is a constant battle.  Although we did get her to eat a whopping 19 ounces yesterday!!  That's a big deal around here.  But things are looking up!

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