Sunday, October 31, 2010

First day of school!

 Oh  my goodness, I am so far behind in blogging!  I'm just now getting around to the first day of school, now that it is the last day of the month!  Because of Annie's birth we decided to start school the first week of October, to give me some breathing room.  Little did we know that Annie girl would be so difficult and we would be running to the doctor a couple of times  a week.  If I had known that perhaps I would have put it off even longer! :)  But it is actually going well, if you're talking about the basics.  I'm so proud of how well Noah is doing with his reading and handwriting.  If you had asked me last year if he would be progressing so quickly I would have definitely said NO!!  Love it when they surprise me!

 So it is a German tradition to give a schultute on the first day of a child's school career - in Germany I think they don't consider that till first grade, but obviously we say kindergarten!  I got one as a little girl - I still remember it in all its shiny purple gloriousness!  They hang it in the tree and it is there when you get off the bus after school. 

Well, in my research to buy one off the internet I discovered that these days people make cones for the little kids too - just a smaller version so they don't feel left out.  So my sweet momma made these both for the boys, and Josh and I filled them up with goodies!  Noah was so funny cause he couldn't find his in the yard - you can see Wyatt found his right away.

I cannot get these italics to go off.  Seriously.  I have no clue why it is doing this.  Sorry.  Yes, I am aware that I have HIDEOUS ghost ghoul things hanging in my tree.  Noah found them at US Toys for a dollar two years ago, and he suckered me into buying them.  Now he INSISTS on hanging them up every year.  The boy seriously loves scary stuff.

They had so much fun going in the house and getting all the goodies out - and then they wore the cones around on their head!! :) Poor Wyatt had a hard time cause just about everything in his broke - his pens, his pencil sharpener, and then he even dropped his lollipop on the kitchen floor and it shattered into a million pieces.  He was so sad!!

Wyatt has also been doing his school, which he loves.  He also wants to do Kumon workbook pages ALL day long, so it gives me a few minutes of peace to work with Noah.  I am pleased with Noah's phonics and math curriculum, although I still want to add in another math program.  When we get to science the kids like it and I am very pleased with the curriculum, but honestly it has fallen by the wayside as of late.  Hopefully we'll get back to it this week.  We're also working our way through reading the books from the booklist in this book.  And our favorite part of the school day is our Bible lesson - I just love this curriculum!  Can't wait for the kids to learn more - I'm way impressed with all of the details they have picked up already.  It has been much harder than I anticipated to get everything done, but the hardest part has not been school - its finding the time to get the normal life stuff all done.  But I wouldn't trade this precious time with my babies for anything in the world!

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