Saturday, February 12, 2011


So the week before last when we had the blackouts we snapped a few shots of the kids.  Of course they would start them right at 6am when it is still dark out, just to freak out my kids.  And of course give me no warning so I can find no flashlights and just have to fumble through the dark to find my screaming, hysterical boys.  They seriously get FREAKED if the electricity goes out at night.  Annie was quite happy to hang out with the lantern in her lap, staring at it.
Once the sun came up, though, the boys got over their issues and played around outside.  Which they had to do a bunch cause the electricity was out for around 5 hours.  They crack me up in those hats!  Noah's is so very small and he just crams it around his dome - it really must hurt.  But he adores it!

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