Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My little eater!!

So our little girl has started eating solids!!  We have been waiting anxiously for this day, with hopes that it will help her reflux.  Not really sure if that is happening, but she had finally decided that she enjoys food!
It was all really funny to her, till she had to sneeze.
I just LOVE this picture of her little sneezy face!!  It's those precious, silly, every day moments that are my favorites - and I caught this little squeezy face on film!  yay!!
She was really not interested in the oatmeal.  But a few days later we did bananas, then some apples and carrots.  And so far carrots are her fave!  She actually gulps them up.  And she is so funny - she really wants to eat, but just doesn't do it very well.  She opens her mouth up immediately when she sees the food, but she also sticks her tongue out as far as it will go!  It is so hard to cram that spoon in there with that tongue all in the way!  Next month we will try some more exciting combos.  Well, maybe sooner.  The new research out says basically to start feeding them anything you want first - meats, combos, etc.  And you don't even have to wait!  I have my baby cookbook out and ready!

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