Saturday, February 19, 2011

My super heroes!

The boys have been way into all things super hero these last few weeks, so it wasn't a hard task to find them decked out in their hero gear to snap some pictures.  This was Noah's serious face that he wanted photographed.
Wyatt isn't really into it so much cause he likes it, but more cause his brother is doing it, and anything his brother is doing is obviously awesome.  Noah promptly got Wyatt to do the right pose for the pictures....
It is so funny cause you can see Wyatt is in a batting stance! He has his little hands clasped up over his shoulder like he's ready to whack a ball.  Although, I guess there isn't really a correct super hero pose, so this would work, too, right?  Noah thinks it is all wrong - evidently your hand must be on your hip.
They then proceeded to amaze me with their feats of strength and awesome power.  Their names were 'Camo' and 'Purple'.  Do you see why?  I guess they weren't feeling overly creative that day! lol

I seriously just laugh out loud when I look at these.  Noah was seriously getting into it.  I made a video, but I think it will take like 2 years to upload.  Perhaps I will set it to go before I head off to bed.   I adore these little heroes, as long as they don't attempt to leap from any tall buildings to rescue damsels in distress!

And an extra note that we ordered these custom capes and masks from an Etsy shop two years ago, and we love them.  Especially the masks - haven't seen any others that have big enough eye holes that the kids will actually wear them for more than 2 minutes at a time.  We highly recommend them!

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