Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Fossil Rim

This was not a planned part of our trip, but we still had some time left so we decided to give it a shot.  We weren't really sure if it was going to be worth the money, cause you know drive thru animal places are pretty pricey.  But it was by far the best money we spent on our trip.  So much more fun than we ever expected.  And the park was just absolutely beautiful.  The drive took us close to three hours, cause the property was just gigantic.
The animals were amazing, and some were a bit too aggressive for our liking.  The zebra's were so out of control that it got to where I was rolling up the window when we came to a group of them.  One actually started nibbling on the window gasket!  There were quite a few times when Josh as looked off the right, only to turn back to the left to be greeted by a large, wild animal head inside the van, right in his face.  No worries - Wyatt never panicked and just threw the food right out the window.  For all the things this kid is scared of, he was not phased by these animals one bit!
Wyatt has always loved animals, but Noah has finally come around to liking them as well.  Not that he had a problem with them before or anything, but he has really started to love learning about them in an obsessive sort of Noah way.  You know, where you need to know every detail about their life, own a few books about each one, and definitely have a documentary for every possible animal there is. ;)
Josh and my dad were the only ones who were brave enough to feed the giraffes.  They were so incredibly HUGE.  Really so much bigger than I think of them in my head.  Look at this shot of his leg compared to the car window.  Really unbelievable.
Halfway through the drive we stopped at their little cafe to have lunch and a bathroom break.  It was so beautiful!  Can you tell how far up we are?
Some of the roads were the steepest that I have ever experienced.  I seriously had to close my eyes a few times, and Wyatt freaked out that he just wanted to "go home" cause he didn't like it one bit!  They also had a little petting zoo up at the top of the mountain, which the kids enjoyed.  I love how Wyatt looks like he is talking to the goat.  That's probably because he was. :)
As I'm sitting here typing this all I can think is how nice it was there!  It reminded us so much of Lost Maples, and that was really unexpected.  I don't know what I thought the area was like up there, but not this beautiful.  I would definitely recommend it for a great family afternoon!

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