Monday, August 22, 2011

The big scroll!

Like I said before, part of our curriculum discussed scrolls.  So we made those teeny tiny ones, but he also got to make a big one.  He was so proud of his work.
All the pages were just handwriting practice.  Now, this boy really hates handwriting.  To the point of tears if I give him a page to do. But this handwriting?  Loved it.  He actually begged for more when we were done.
I love it when we an activity is both fun AND beneficial.  So pleased with MFW First so far.  We are about 20 days in and are looking forward to the next 20!


Joy Wyatt said...

How did you make this? I love it!

Laura Marlatt said...
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Laura Marlatt said...

Hi Joy! I just bought a dowel rod and taped all the papers together with packing tape and them taped it to the rods. The printouts came from MFW.