Friday, August 12, 2011

Teeny tiny scrolls!

Part of our Bible curriculum for this year taught about scrolls and how the Bible (and other things) were originally written on scrolls.  So we went outside and measured out 30 feet to see how long some of the longest scrolls were.  I had NO idea this wold be so exciting to the kids, but they have now become obsessed with scrolls.  We made teeny tiny scrolls out of paper bags and then  made salt dough "jars" to put the scrolls in, to imitate the jars scrolls used to be stored in.  The jars were much more difficult to mold than I imagined they would be, but in the end the kids were pleased with our product.

Now if only I can keep this from getting broken so Wyatt doesn't get hysterical, then I will be doing good!  So far the kids are really enjoying school, and have really been handling the increased work load really well.  Perhaps I wasn't expecting as much of them as I should have been last year! :) 

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