Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wyatt's date!

Like I said before, I got to enjoy 2 date nights in a row!  My sweet bug was just so excited to have his own night out.  He picked out his clothes, and even my clothes!  He went to my closet and specifically requested that I wear this green dress.  I was a little disturbed cause its a smidge too small, but went with it any way just for my little noodle.  He picked this blue shirt for himself and matched it with black dress slacks.  So so funny, but he thought he was snazzy!

Can you guess where he requested to go?  Cici's Pizza!!  I think he hardly ate a thing, he was mostly just concerned about using some quarters to play games.  :)  I don't know why he loves the games there so much - there are only a few but for some reason he is obsessed with them.  He was also thrilled cause he got to have some Dr. Pepper!  After dinner we went to one of his favorite places - the pet store!  He got to push a teeny tiny cart and we looked at every single animal they had.  He was so sad cause they didn't have any cats!  After that, per his request, we went to have some frozen yogurt.  We had recently tried a new yogurt place out on 1960 and he LOVED it.  So I assumed that was where we were going.  But when we got in the car he told me he wanted to go to the one by HEB.  Huh?  I told him there wasn't one, but he insisted.  So, I took the directions of my four year old and headed over to HEB.  And sure enough, there was the cutest little yogurt shop there.  :)  He amazes me!  Have you been to Menchie's yet?  Well it is quite possibly the most adorable yogurt shop ever.  Wyatt was instantly in love cause he got to have a pink spoon!  Do you think he will ever outgrow his love of pink?  I'm not sure either.  Ha!  We got home and all he could talk about was "Smoochies!".  He still calls it that and I love it!!

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Michelle said...

Laura, this is great! Both boys look so proud! I can't wait to take my sweeties on a mommy date again soon!!!