Monday, April 02, 2012

Box Day!

I am happy to say that we already received most of our curriculum for next year!  My Father's World had free shipping last month so we took the plunge with tax return money and I can't wait to get started!!  We will be studying US History in Adventures in My Father's World as a family, and Wyatt also got updated version of the same kindergarten that Noah used. 

They were very excited to look at all the books, but the only picture I got of it has Wyatt picking his nose.  Which isn't really hard to do since the boy almost always seems to have a finger up there looking for something.  ;) 

I am SO at peace with our decision to stick with My Father's World!  I got a Sonlight catalog in the mail this week and I wasn't even tempted, which is saying a lot!  We've also ordered tons of the book basket books and they are already starting to pour in.  I can't wait for second grade!!

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