Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Civil War exhibit at the HMNS

Noah has had a bit of an obsession about the Civil War I guess since he heard about it.  I mentioned it at some point during school and he just clung to it.  So when he saw the billboard advertising the exhibit at the HMNS we knew we had to go.  He loved it, of course, but Annie was a nightmare.  She cried and whined and wanted to run around.  She is normally so good, but geeze she was difficult.  After the tour we went to our favorite eating spot in town for dinner.  It was so nice out we ate on the patio and Josh got these gorgeous pics of the kids.

Noah really thought he was a soldier with that hat on.  And Wyatt was just a goofball.

He was pretending to sleep in the last one, if you couldn't tell.  LOL  Annie was super hammy as well.  She loves to eat all the M&Ms off of the monster cookies, but leave the cookie part.  It makes quite a mess!

Can't wait till the next exhibit comes that the kids are interested in.    We got these cute hats, a gorgeous book about the Civil War, and some reprints of Civil War era money ALL 75% off.  Evidently if you go during the last few days of any exhibit they put all the stuff on sale.  The hats were under a buck each!  :) 

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