Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We love Harmony Fine Arts!

Do you see that smile on his face?  While doing an art lesson?!?!  Shocking, I know!  The boy is so down on his artistic abilities, but he really loved doing this art project.

Do you see those two flattened balls?  Those are hiney cheeks.  He was so tickled with that!  We were reading in our art book about how certain sculptures look thick and heavy while others look thin, light and fragile.  So they sculpted people that looked thick and heavy and then made wiry people out of fuzzy sticks.  Wyatt was bummed out cause he couldn't do it....

But then perked up with the pipe cleaner people..
I thought Noah's was cute because he made a soldier just like in the painting of British soldiers we had looked at in the book earlier.  Check out my awesome sculpture...

We have been using the Harmony Fine Arts first grade program with both the boys, and I am absolutely loving it.  A couple of months ago I kind of had a freak out about how far behind we are this year, and how we have just not gotten art done.  So we changed things up and have been doing art and music first, before anything else.  And now their art notebooks are filling up!

We study one artist each month, with one specific painting each week.  We add the painting to our notebook and memorize the titles.  We also color the corresponding coloring page from our Dover coloring books.  Trying to color them just like the original has really had them notice all of details that we had just skimmed over before.  Then we do one hands on art project from the Oxford First Book of Art.

The other days of the week we complete the art and music lessons that are already schedule in My Father's World. 

I cannot recommend Harmony Fine Arts enough!

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