Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mowing the yard a.k.a. Playing while Daddy works

The kids cheer when we say it is time to mow the yard cause they love being outside so much!  Noah even mows a little each time, but mostly they just play.  And I don't mind it with the weather being as nice as it had been!

Annie insisted that she wear Wyatt's helmet and she was so cute I had to run in and get the camera to snap some pics.  Please pardon her filthy, lunch covered dress!  The girl loves eating push pops and will cry till she gets one!  She and Wyatt are alike in that sense!  Without fail, I know that he will ask if we can have one, anytime we are outside, even if only for a few minutes.

And what would mowing the yard be without sun fun with the blower?    The neighbors even came home and the kids got to have some fun together.  I'll be glad when summer comes and they will be home more often.  Noah and Wyatt wait and wait for Maddie and Emma to come home each afternoon with hopes that they can play outside for a few minutes.  I am truly thankful they have such good friends right across the street!

And it doesn't hurt they let the boys drive their Barbie Jeep!!  ;)

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