Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter at Granny's

 Honestly, this is all kind of fuzzy to me.  Cause in reality it is July but I am backdating this post so that it appears chronologically correct.  I WILL catch up on this blogging thing!!  I do remember that we went over to Granny's house for dinner the Saturday before Easter.  With Josh's schedule it is very difficult on holidays to see everyone, so we are so thankful Paula was so gracious to invite us over the night before.  AND I got to dress everybody up twice, which is always fun.

 Could she be any cuter in the dress Paula found for her?  I don't think it is possible!  She was really tickled by the big Easter eggs Granny had out for decorations.  She sat right down in the flowerbed to play with them and then was pretty annoyed that all the mulch stuck to her diaper.  

And obviously my boys were adorable as always.  They are looking so grown up these days!  I love how tightly Wyatt holds on to Noah when they get together for a picture.  They are definitely best friends.
  Love, love, love this group of kids!

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