Thursday, May 01, 2014

Disney day 1, part 2!

Remember how I said I crazy planned for this trip?  Well this is what I did.  I made these little schedule cards for each day that we could hang on the stroller/backpack and use to keep up with our fastpass times, meal reservations, and general plan. It was really a huge lifesaver cause as first time park goers we had no idea where anything was and I know we just would have wandered for half the day otherwise.  I know you're probably laughing at the times listed, but we only included those as a general idea of what touring plans told us should happen and it helped keep us on track.  And you know I basically love any reason to use Excel and my laminator! :)

So after Ariel we headed over to ride the Barnstormer, which we all loved.  BUT it reminded me that I do not like roller coasters and when WDW says  "hey, pregnant lady, don't ride this" they pretty much know what they are talking about!  I felt quite ridiculous but I literally had to have my eyes closed the whole time.  How Annie loved it I have no idea!

We got to do some other classic rides this day as well, like the teacups.  Since Josh and I puke when we spin my dad got suckered into it and he seemed to enjoy himself!  After this the boys went off to ride Space Mountain.

They were not quite as thrilled with this ride!  Evidently it was more intense than any of them realized!  Months later they are still talking about how crazy it was!  Wish we had some pics of their scaredy little faces!  Ha!

We also rode the Tomorrowland Speedway which was fun, although I'm not sure how either my dad or I got up out of those things!  It was like laying down!  Josh loves the pic of me showing that I'm just barely tall enough to ride it on my own!

We had some down time shopping and having snacks and then made our way back over to the Astro Orbiter where they finally got their ride!

And of course we had to stop at the shooting gallery, because if my kids can shoot a fake gun they simply must do it!  Annie had fun looking at the birds instead.

The plan from here was to eat dinner at Casey's Corner and then wait for the parade to start but we were just beat.  The kids were the ones who said lets please just leave so we did!  It was a billion times more crowded than we expected and we were all just pretty overwhelmed.  I can understand main street being this crowded but it was EVERYWHERE.  The hotel never sounded better!

I think this photo of Annie Rosie shows it best!!  We were tuckered!

Phew!  Never even opened an eye as we got her into her jammies.  And that was after only being at the park from 2:00 on! 

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