Friday, May 02, 2014

Disney day 2: Epcot!

Can you guess what our first stop of the day was?  Of course it was to see Nemo!  So nice to walk right into the park and hop onto an empty ride! 

The kiddos were thrilled with this giant Bruce!  Noah is slightly obsessed with sharks so he adored getting to test his knowledge on the shark quiz computers.  Of course they confirmed that he is a shark genius!

This was by far our rainiest day of the trip, so our schedule immediately was out of whack, but it was nice to spend a long time exploring the aquariums in the shelter of the building!  Noah was absolutely ecstatic to get to see a real live manatee!  We spent a long time hanging out in that area watching him get fed.

Our next stop was my absolute favorite of trip - Turtle Talk with Crush!  We went into the first showing of the day so there was absolutely no wait and it was the cutest thing ever.  We have some videos of the kids but unfortunately I'm having a touch time getting them uploaded (I think they are too big).    He talked to Annie first and asked her how old she was.  Her response was that her daddy tells her things she doesn't know!  :)  So once they found out she was three they asked if she had any questions and her question was "Why do turtles like the grass?"  I was shocked she had such a good question!  He told her they like to eat it and that is why he is green.  Then he asked her what her favorite snack is and she told him Rice Crispies.  Most adorable thing ever!  Wyatt got talked to next and Crush tried to teach him to say "Sweeeeeet."  He asked Wyatt where he was from and when Wyatt said Texas his response was "never heard of it."  LOL  He seriously cracked me up.  He asked Wyatt if he did lots of surfing and of course Wyatt says yes (ha!) and then asked who brought him and Wy told him my mom and dad.  His response was "chillin with the rentals!"  Then he talked to Josh and was just absolutely hysterical.  Wish I could get the videos to work!!

We had an early dinner reserved so we went to have an early lunch and to ride Soarin'.  Lunch was so good!  Definitely recommend stopping at Sunshine Seasons for lunch at Epcot.  Annie's favorite part was stealing bites of Grandpa's chocolate cake!  :)  Soarin' was also great but honestly, I was so nervous it was going to do some crazy drop/turn I had a hard time enjoying it!!  Next time will be super fun now that I know what to expect.

After that we rode Living with the Land and we all really enjoyed it.  I was surprised cause we seriously thought it was going to be lame!  It was fascinating and didn't drag at all, which I was worried about.  It was also a nice, dry, indoor activity.

After this we had to switch up our plans and really figure out what to do.  The rain closed a few rides, including Test Track, so we had to occupy ourselves with some stuff we didn't have scheduled.  We ended up doing Journey of the Imagination with Figment which was a huge hit with the kids!  I think their favorite part was dancing about on the musical squares at the end of the ride.  We also randomly decided to see Captain EO since it was indoors and well, that was not exactly a hit.  I have no idea what the appeal of that is!  Hysterically, on our way out the door Wyatt asked me, "Mom, is Michael Jackson a boy or a girl?"  It was that weird.  LOL  After this we went over to the Coca-Cola store, Club Cool,  and filled our bellies with soda samples from all over the world.  The kids were tickled pink by tricking Joshua into taking a big gulp of Beverly.  They told him it was sooooo delicious and he believed them!  :)  One of the few times they have been able to pull one over on dad!

We were there during the Flower and Garden Festival but the rain really kept us from getting to  enjoy much of it!  After we did the front half we headed towards the back to visit all the countries but really didn't get to go into/explore more than a couple.  It just never stopped raining/drizzling!

We stopped for the ride in Mexico which was fun, and then headed to Norway for dinner at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall!  This meal was delicious and Annie got to meet so many of her favorite princesses!  The boys pretended to  not be into it but they actually really loved them too!  They had no idea they "shouldn't" be into meeting the princesses until a few weeks before the trip and people started teasing them about it.  I'm glad they aren't too concerned with what other people thing that they were actually able to enjoy it (with minimal discomfort on Noah's part!).

After dinner they rode Maelstrom and then goofed around in the gift shop!

From here we continued walking and walking and walking around and  finally stopped in France to buy a box of goodies to bring back to the condo for dessert/breakfast!  You see, we made time for the important things, rain or not! :)  We missed a bunch of the character meetings here - I had no idea that they stopped so early in the day!  But it is just as well because nobody wanted to wait around in line in the rain!

Of course we had plans to stay and watch the fireworks over the water but we were so wet and so tired everybody agreed lets just go home!

Check out little tired Annie girl!  Would love to go back and get to explore all the countries without rain!

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