Saturday, May 03, 2014

Disney Day 3: Hollywood Studios!

So our next day was spent at Hollywood Studios!  See those dreary gray skies and ponchos?!  Yup.  More rain.  We headed straight for Noah and Josh to ride Tower of Terror but sadly it wasn't running because it was being repaired.  Threw us into a bit of a situation cause it was the only time I had scheduled for it that whole day!  Instead we headed over to our next ride which was Jack Sparrow which sadly wasn't open yet.  Why on earth rides open more than an hour after the park I don't quite know!  Luckily my dad was a bit peeved and talked to somebody and they let us use our fastpasses early (they were strict about times our entire trip) and we got to ride Toy Story Mania.  It as a blast!!

It was definitely one of my favorite rides of the whole trip.  If the wait time had been under an hour we probably would have ridden it again.  Sadly we still had down time till Jack Sparrow opened and we had to wait in the rain.  We were pretty grumpy at this point with all the waiting, the rain, and having been there for what seemed like forever and only having done one thing.

But the Jack Sparrow thing was a huge hit with the boys, especially Noah J.  I would have liked it better if we didn't have to stand the whole time!

Annie then had a meltdown over buying this Mrs. Potato Head.  We finally gave in and let her buy it!  I will admit it was a good purchase cause months later she is still playing with it.  From here our day was just totally out of whack.  All kinds of shows/rides were closed because of the rain so we really had to play it by ear as best as we could.  We were able to head over to the Behind the Scenes Tour and had no wait at all.

This was one of our favorite parts of the day.  It was absolutely awesome!  It also worked out well that we were already all wet.  After the introduction part we got to hop on the tour bus and see all kinds of cool stuff.

And then at the very end they have a little museum of costumes/props from the movies.

Then we had a little surprise, unscheduled stop to meet Mike Wizowski!  This resulted in one of my favorite pics from the entire trip.  I just love Noah's face plastered up again his enormous eye.  So hilarious!

On our way out we noticed this door which also cracked us up!

We were also super happy that Josh and Noah got a second chance to ride Tower of Terror.  I honestly cannot believe that little boy rode it but he sure did.  And he claimed to like it!  Although I will admit that later on he told me it was awesome but he didn't really like it.  :)  So adorable cause he really wanted to be so tough and brave!

Next we headed over to the Great Movie Ride which was really fun for the whole group.  We didn't get any shots of us riding but Josh snapped quite a few awesome ones of the ride itself.  Most of the movies included in the ride our kiddos hadn't seen and they are still asking us about them months later! 

From here we finally headed over to lunch at Hollywood and Vine for a character meal.  Annie was beyond thrilled to finally meet Sophia and Doc McStuffins!  And so were the boys, even though they pretended not to.  This was also our first buffet of the trip.  The boys just could not believe you could have as much as you wanted whenever you wanted.  They were so funny!

We had still yet to ride the most important ride of the day - Star Tours!

The guys went and rode it alone first and had such rave reviews that they convinced the rest of us to give it a try too.  This is the only ride we rode more than twice!  Maybe 5-6 times?  And they would have ridden more than that it we had the time!  The first time I rode it we were in the front row and it was fine so I agreed to ride it again.  And we sat in the back and I got sick as a dog.  So, so, sick to my stomach.  Once again I learned the lesson to listen with WDW says for preggo ladies not to ride something!  They were certainly right!

We had some time for some pics along the way to get to play in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground (which was closed earlier in the day due to rain so it was a huge deal to the boys!).  What turned out to be the last stop of the day was the Extreme Stunt Show.


It was a bit cheesy but it was also really amazing!  The kids loved getting to see Lightning McQueen and couldn't believe how they did it all.  You can see even Annie was mesmerized!  Now the main reason we ended up leaving is that a front blew through during this show and we got cold!  I packed everybody a flannel shirt in the bottom of the stroller and carried them for two days but they got wet the day before so, of course, I left them home this day.  We were so cold we all put on our ponchos to attempt to keep out the chilly breeze!

So yes, once again, we did not stay for the fireworks/night show.  LOL  We were just so damp, cold, and tired!  We would love to back and get to see the shows/rides that were closed due to rain.

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