Thursday, May 01, 2014

Arrival day one!

Technically day two of the trip, but our first day to be in Orlando.  We thought the Old Key West Resort was beautiful and really loved having a kitchen and laundry room!  We immediately started the check-in while the kids checked out the place.

And once we were unloaded we headed straight for the Magic Kingdom.  We hemmed and hawed over how to get there - bus, drive, etc. but we decided with the scooter it might be best to just drive.  So the kids were super excited when they realized we still got to ride the monorail right away.  I thought it was pretty cool too!

You see sweet Wyatt hugging me?  He turned to me a few minutes into the ride and told me "Thank you for making my dream come true!"  Seriously made me cry.  Phew, makes me cry right now just thinking about it!  :)  I'm laughing at the picture of the monorail station because this was the ONLY time we ever saw it empty like this on the entire trip.  It was really beautiful!

We had nearly every single minute for every day planned out, so our plans were a little thrown off when they wouldn't let me into the park!  For some reason my magic band didn't work and we had to go wait in another long line to get it fixed.  Threw us a little off schedule but we still were able to knock tons out!

Don't you just love Annie pumping her little fists up into the air??!  She was walking down low and people were in front of her and she really couldn't see Cinderella's Castle.  My mom picked her up and this was her expression upon finally seeing it for the first time.  SO precious! 

We made our way to our very first ride, Space Ranger Spin and had a blast.  We got stuck in the dark tunnel part of the ride for nearly 15 minutes or so which was pretty interesting but still loved it!

I love these shots of us from the ride.  No idea what I am doing with my hand, LOL!  And I think it is hysterical that Josh is staring at the camera!  At this point we attempted to ride the Astro Orbiter and the boys waited in line for what felt like forever only to have the ride closed due to thunder.  At least we had a few minutes to cool off with a frozen drink! (Annie is upset in the pic cause she didn't want to share her drink!)

We all headed over to do the Ariel ride and meet Ariel, Annie's first character meeting.  We had no idea how she would react but she absolutely loved her! 

Ariel was so sweet and Annie adored her!  She was just the perfect age to really believe in it all and didn't question it one bit!  I was so relieved that she was really going to enjoy meeting all the princesses after this.

This post is getting a bit long so I'll cut it off here and  blog the rest of the day later!

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