Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Mystery Rash

Do these photos just break your heart? Yesterday morning Noah woke up will a small rash all around the diaper line - around his middle and then around his legs. I thought maybe it was just diaper irritation, but it has ballooned into this. The first two pictures are from yesterday afternoon and then the others are from today.

Other than the terrible itching, he feels completely fine. No fever and he's behaving just like normal. We decided to take him to one of those little clinic places this morning, and they said that he is having an allergic reaction to something he ate or touched. They said its not chicken pox or poison ivy. He really didn't eat or go anywhere he doesn't normally go, so we are completely at a loss for what is causing this. Its still getting worse, though, so I think we're taking him to his regular pediatritian in the morning. She gave us a prescription for predisolone, but both times we tried to give it to him he instantly puked. And he also refuses to take any claritin/benadryl or even ibuprofin - those darn motrin people need to get their act together and make something chewable for 2 year olds like tylenol does. We also got some steroid cream stuff, but he also doesn't want that rubbed on either.

You can see in the first picture that he also feel face first on some concrete friday so he has a busted up lip. Poor kid is just a mess!

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Kelly said...

Oh My Gosh! Adeline has gotten hives a couple times and that's what it looks like. We had to give her Claritin and it went away in a day or two. Poor baby. Those pictures make me want to cry! If it's really itchy, give him an Aveno bath. That seemed to help Adeline.