Friday, July 20, 2007

A Day In the Country

So Blue Bell is celebrating their 100 year anniversary, and to celebrate they hosted "A Day In the Country" celebration in Brenham. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the fairgrounds in Brenham they are having this huge event - with stuff for the kids, and all the ice cream you can eat!!! Thats right, all you can eat. And its free to get in - pretty cool! There were trains and old farm equipment, ice cream trucks, machines and displays on how the ice cream is made, and bouncers and games for the kids. Noah J had an absolute blast and we took tons of pictures and I just have to share almost all of them. So here they are....

At the end of the day, completely exhausted but still eating some banana split ice cream.

Eating a frozen novelty!

Completely mesmerized by the cows and chickens.

Pretending he's a Blue Bell delivery man!

So excited cause he's drinking a Sprite out of his own cup, with ice and no straw.

Very happily eating an ice cream bar that he made by himself - dipped it in chocolate and rolled it in sprinkles.

Noah J very excited in the car that we are taking a trip.

Coloring some bluebell stuff.

Getting to stand on the big truck.

Posing with Belle, although he's not too sure. He did say "hi cow" and "bye cow".

Eating some skittles out of an ice cream cup - he spit out the red ones!

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