Monday, July 23, 2007

The Circus!!!

Noah J had his first trip to the circus Sunday night. Sara and I were brave enough to take the kids out by ourselves on such a big trip. Wyatt stayed home with Daddy and then Grandma, so Noah and I were able to really enjoy our time together. He did not like the long wait in the line outside in the sun, but was very happy when we got inside. YOu can see Noah and Maddie holding hands - it is Noah's newest favorite thing to do with her. (When we go to our weekly La Hacienda dinner he insists on holding her hand while we walk through the parking lot.)

They have this "meet the stars" thing 90 minutes before the show started, so he got to go down on the arena floor and see the performers and the animals close up. He has been obsessed with elephants ever since our trip to the Rainforest Cafe, so he was geeked to see some real ones up close. I had to drag him away from them to go to our seats. I blew a ton of money on stuff for him, but he was just so happy! He got this spinny light thing which he loved, and a stuffed elephant, and an elephant cup thing. Other than the elephants, he really loved the clowns. They had a food fight that he thought was just hysterical. He also really liked this group of acrobats that were flying through the air. He kept saying "up up up up." And of course the motorcycle riders in the globe were completely mesmerizing - he kept saying "round and round and round."

It was pretty difficult going without Josh - I didn't even think about all the walking we would have to do. And the stairs!!!!!!! And on top of that all the junk we brought and then the stuff we bought. They sold these really cool blow up booster seats, so we had to lug those home too. Not heavy, but it was just a lot of stuff! Noah was very good and walked most of the way, though. I mostly had to carry him up and down all those stairs - I was so afraid he would fall! Needless to say, Sara and I were exhausted by the end of the night. Noah didn't get to bed till around 11 but he was just so excited he could hardly sleep. I laid there with him and he just kept saying, "mommy, noah" "mommy, noah." I think he was really tickled that we went and did something fun without bubba and daddy. I told Josh he has to find something cool to take him to without us!

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I want to go to the circus! How fun...