Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Helping Daddy

Isn't he looking so much better? When he got up Monday morning it was ten times worse than it was in the last pictures I posted. It covered his face and he was pretty much bright red, white, and purple from head to toe. We went to his doc and they confirmed that he was having a pretty severe allergic reaction to something. They said this was the classic rash you get from a reaction to medicine, but Noah hasn't had anything new. So we're completely up in the air about teh cause, but they knew just what to do to make him better. They gave us some orally disintigrating tablets of the prednosolone which he doesn't seem to hate too much. He's also taking some Zyrtec, which I'm having to hide in brownies. He's had a bit of roid rage - he's not normally a hitter but he's been swatting at everyone. I'll be so glad when he's done with that medicine!

When Josh mowed the yard this week Noah J decided he was brave enough to help him out. Up until now he's been too afraid of the running mower to give it a shot, but yesterday he just marched right out there. He was just too adorable in his trashy wife beater, a diaper, and a straw hat!

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The Howard Family Blog said...

Thank Goodness he is doing better! I have been so worried about the little guy!