Friday, February 15, 2008

Mango Madness!

So, I discovered this past week that I'm not as sneaky as I think I am. And perhaps that my son is more hard headed than I ever thought!

When I saw this post on Greenlite Bites, I knew that I had to show it to Noah. He loves to watch videos on the computer, and I thought he would be thrilled with the little boy. So I bought us a mango, showed him the video, and asked if he wanted to do it. Of course he was way pumped so we ran straight to the kitchen to get started. He loved watching as I cut it up, but what do you think he did when he tried it?? Thats right, he just spit it out! Uggghhh! So frustrating, right? But I was able to catch these cute pictures and put the mango in a smoothie for Josh, so I guess it was all worth it!

1 comment:

Roni said...

That is TOO COOL!! At least you tried plus he still ate it in the smoothie anyway!

In his defense it takes some getting used to. I know grown ups that would spit it up. Geesh, My husband STILL won't eat it! LOL