Saturday, February 09, 2008

A visit to the zoo!

Hasn't the weather just been fantastic? In honor of such a beautiful day we took the boys to the zoo on Thursday and it was gorgeous. A little cool when we left, but absolutely perfect for our trip. Unfortunately, the animals just didn't get that it was nice and they should run around! In some respects it was a pretty disappointing trip, at least for Noah J. The train isn't working for 2 months for renovations, they were waxing the floor of the carousel, the otters weren't there, and the lions and tigers exhibits were under construction so the animals were nowhere to be found. But he did get to see his beloved elephants, even though that area is also under construction.

The top picture is of Wyatt SO excited because of the aquariums. Noah J was pretty pumped, too. He watched Finding Nemo for the first time this week (he had seen portions of it, but wasn't interested before), so he was TOTALLY pumped about the fish. He found a Nemo fish and screamed and screamed. Noah also loved the new playground that wasn't there last time, and also was excited by the other objects in the children's zoo. He especially loved this log that had little flaps you could lift up and inside of them were snakes, caterpillars, and various other critters.

While we were making our way back to the car (a really long trek cause the children's zoo is at the very back) we stopped at the pond out front and when we did we caught Wyatt catching some z's! He was so cute all crumpled up and his face on the snack tray. We kept trying to lean the stroller back for him to lay down, but he just refused. I guess he thought this was more comfortable! We dressed him in the same shirt that Noah had on for his first zoo trip (which also happens to be our very first blog post ever!). Check it out!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Wyatt asleep in the stroller! That is so cute!!XOXO