Monday, December 27, 2010

CHA Christmas party!

Last week we took the kiddos to our homeschool group's Christmas party last week at their favorite park.  They were so happy to be there with their friends!  It is in Tomball so most of the time folks don't like to drive out that way, so this was a nice occasion!

We played on the playground and had a picnic lunch, and then headed over to meet the rest of the group to do some Christmas activities.

  We got some reindeer food to take home,which Noah was just not sure about.  In the van on the way home he asked me if that was really what reindeer eat.  I assure him it is, to which he replies, "You're telling me that reindeer like to eat glitter?"  :)  He's just too smart.  I then explained to him how the glitter just works as an attractor so it glistens in the moonlight so the reindeer can find where we sprinkled the food. lol :)
The kids had tons of fun rolling down this teeny little hill, and then down the steep hill at the back of the picnic area.  They also got to have an exciting leaf/pine needle fight with their friends.  Poor Jacob seemed to get hit the most! :(

This next picture cracks me up - he thinks he is so big and that everything he does is so fancy.

They also got to decorate and eat cupcakes, which is always a hit.
Annie was so sad she didn't get one that she had to eat her thumb instead!  Of course that is what she does 90% of the day anyways, but the boys were certain she wanted one. :)
Fun was had by all!  And yes, Josh was there, he was just behind the camera the whole time!

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