Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Each year we get the kids an ornament for their Christmas trees for their bedrooms, and it is usually a pretty easy task.  But this year we really struggled!  Trying to pick out the perfect ornament that really sums up the year is kinda difficult.  And then once you decide what you want they are super hard to find.  We have done really well for 5 years now finding nice glass ones, but this year we just had to take what we could get!

Wyatt Cade got a mouse ornament!  He is rather difficult to pick stuff for, cause his interests have stayed the same the last 2 years.  Balls and pucky dogs!  Well, he already had those ornaments.  I'm not sure if it has been mentioned on the blog, but he was a bit obsessed with "mouses" this year.  By mouses he means zhu zhu pet hamsters, which he insists are called mouses.  What 3 year old pics that out when he has his choice of a whole toy store?  My little Wy Wy.  He was so super excited about it that he immediately had to show it to Annie girl.
Noah J was also kinda hard this year because there are just so many things that he loves.  And who really wants an iron man ornament?  I just think about his future wife and how much she will appreciate me handing down these tacky ornaments that I'm sure Noah will insist be hung on their tree.  But I guess if she marries Noah she will have a healthy appreciation of Darth Vader! :)  We tried to find him a dinosaur ornament, since he has been majorly into becoming a paleontologist, but couldn't find one.  So we went with the standby - Star Wars!  He got a tiny Boba Fett and a Han Solo frozen in carbonite.  Classy, right?

Annie girl was a bit easier to shop for - we knew we wanted a muffin for her!  So we found this Santa cupcake that we are calling a muffin!
She was actually quite excited about the whole affair!  Her first ornament on her lonely little tree!

She then immediately tried to eat it.

My goal is to make a nice scrapbook for each kiddo with a pic of each year's ornament with an explanation on why we picked it.  We'll see when I get around to that! ha! :)

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