Saturday, December 11, 2010

Little pud boy

Do you see this surprise kiss I got from my little man?  I told him to come take a picture with me and this is what he did!  I love it!

I just had to post what Wyatt said tonight before I forget, cause I just love the stuff this boy says.  On the way home from my parents this evening he starts talking in the van and telling me about how he wants me to take him to see a possodilla.  A what?!?  A possodilla.  Evidently last night he was a possum in the truck with my parents and he didn't see it, so he wanted me to show him one.  Of course Noah was right on top of him letting him know it is possum, not possodilla.  I can't stop laughing about it!

I love his other little slips as well....

pack pack  for *back pack*

snoot snacks for *fruit snacks*

candy cone for *candy cane*

and my other favorite - his lips are spicy for *chapped lips*

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