Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Granny's!

This year we celebrated Christmas over 3 different days, due to Josh's crazy schedule.  It was kinda nice to space it all out and gave us a little breathing room.  You can see the boys had so much fun - this was their first chance to open presents this year and they were quite happy, if you can' tell!
We also tried really hard to get a couple of nice family shots and pics of the kids - really just anything we could edit to make nice.  It is harder than it sounds!  Here are just a few of the unedited shots...
There was seriously not a shot of all three of them looking at the camera with a nice face at the same time!  So frustrating!  If we could get good enough at our software we could stitch together a pic with the best of each person! :)  Not sure that will ever happen!  The kids were pretty tired of the whole thing - completely evident on Noah J's face!
We did have lots of fun getting to dress our little muffin up in some Christmas attire!  She got a sweater dress while the rest of us all got sweaters - if I had my act together I would have gotten me one too.  There's always next year!
We had a really great time!  Josh's mom was overly generous with her gift giving and Josh got some great camera stuff and I got a Kindle!  So excited.  Now if only I could decide what book to buy first!  I'm so stingy it is really difficult for me to pick - it has to be just right! ;)

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