Friday, January 14, 2011

The jumperoo!!

We are thrilled to announce that after three very long years our jumperoo has officially made the move from our closet back to the living room, for its last tour of service with the Marlatt family!  I feel like I can breathe in my closet again! :)

Annie is really not so sure about it.  So far no smiles in it, but she does seem to enjoy hanging out in it a few times a day.  You can see she is pretty mesmerized by the little toys on the front, but hasn't figured out the jumping.
Check out those tiny feet!!!  She pretty much kept them that way the whole time.  She would stand up a little bit and then very daintily sit back down. :)

Of course, you know who were right there trying to help her along.
Remember when they were just wee little things playing in this thing?

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