Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I lied!

Yes, I was completely wrong, I totally missed blogging Christmas morning!  And shockingly, when I went back to pick pictures I realized we hardly took any!  I guess we were just so busy we didn't think about it.   We were so blessed that Josh got to come home in the middle of the night and nap for a few hours so he could be there right away in the morning.  Yay!  The very first gift we had for Christmas was baby Jesus!  After filling the manger with hay all month our advent calendar told the boys where to find the baby.  They were so excited, and we were happy to put the focus in the right place before any other celebrations!

Noah J had so much fun, and was such a sweet little spud.  He immediately wanted me to open my present first, before he even thought about ripping into his.  Upon his request of this, Wyatt proceeded to proclaim, "yes, momma, open your purse!".  Ohhh, Wy.  They got me a fantastic purse, which they were very very certain that I needed.  It is so special to me that they come up with this idea all by themselves and then picked it out too.  The one they picked for me has a metal and leather decorative heart hanging off of it, which is why they picked it. Noah was quick to point out that it was a heart cause they love me.  :)  Could it get any better than that?
Wyatt really loves his Alphie that he got - although I think his favorite part of it is to just play the music and dance about, not so much of the learning. :)  And he was super excited about the Mickey and Minnie that Noah J got for him.  Wyatt gave Noah an Optimus Prime, which was a big hit as well.
Annie girl spend most of the morning just playing while we opened our gifts.  But she did get 2 gifts herself - the boys were very happy that Santa did not forget her.  She loves her new blocks and her tiny kitchen!  Her brothers have been playing with her new toys more than she has I think.
Since Noah J wants to be a paleontologist he was super excited to get this paleontology kit.  He has been dlligently digging up bones since Christmas morning.  We're still not through, though!  I know we could get it wet and it would go faster, but he seems to be really enjoying the tedious nature of it!

We had a great, great day!  Our first Christmas as a family of 5 was amazing and I loved every minute of it!  I'm so thankful for this bunch of people, and as Noah would say, "we have the bestest family!"

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