Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our other baby

Do you see our other baby that evidently also needs her diaper changed?  Lily cat's newest nap spot is Annie's changing table.  And the cat WILL NOT get off.  I routinely have to put the baby down to use both hands to pick her up from the table just so we can use it.  So today I thought I would try a different technique - just plopping Annie down right on top of her.  Wouldn't a normal cat get upset and leave?  Not Lily girl.  If anything she seemed happier after Annie joined her!  And then you know what was coming next...
Yup, the bizarre licking.  This cat is obsessed with licking us.  So she started right in on Annie's head.  And of course like the quality mother I am I run to get the camera instead of making her stop! :)  But I don't think Annie minds!

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