Sunday, May 29, 2011

Movie Night!

Now I know Annie has already been around for one movie night.  But this week she really actually joined in the fun.  She watched the movie and really had fun hanging out with her brothers.  Can you tell how tickled Wyatt is?  And you can see Annie is completely engrossed in the movie.  I love it!

She was really sleepy early on in the night so we took her to her room to go to bed.  Now this sweet little girl NEVER cries when you put her down to sleep.  She is so very very good.  But I think this was the moment that she realized that fun stuff goes on while she is sleeping.  She screamed and screamed till we brought her back in the living room.  And she stayed happily awake for the whole movie!  Sadly this crying nonsense has continued all week.  Where has my sweet little girl gone?

I just love the progression of theses photos.  Everything seems cool, right?  She's playing with Noah's hair and using it to keep her balance.  And all was well until......
She got a little too aggressive with the hair pulling and head biting!!  Don't let Noah fool you, though.  Rest assured that he was happy as a lark to have her paying so much attention to him.

I know it is hard to believe but we have cut out just about all television watching at our house.  We're trying to do movie night 2 times a month and then they get 1 hour on Wednesday and Thursday mornings (since that is our weekend).  And it has been going amazingly well!  Seriously hasn't been a problem, much to my amazement.  The days seem a smidgen longer but really they have come up with lots to do.  Of course much of it involves getting in trouble, so I could do without that.  The first week of no TV they recreated the Great Pit of Carkoon in their bedroom (yes, I did just link to Wookieepedia).  This involves a massive pile of stuffed animals between their beds enclosed with their step stools and their back packs.  A pure and total mess if you can imagine.  Then they try to jump from one bed to the other without falling into the pit.  Chaos!!  So movie night was a big hit, even if it was Alice in Wonderland.  Have you seen it?  That movie is weird!

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Michelle said...

I'm SO impressed with the limited tv! Between the hours of 5p-7p... I NEED the option of having the tv on to entertain! :)