Saturday, May 28, 2011


Can you believe my little girl is in the highchair?  I know it seems like, well, of course she should be.  She's 8 months old.  But she's just so tiny!!!  And our last little baby.  And we're going to baby her until she can't be babied any more!  For real, though, up until now I feel like she would have just thrown herself out of a restaurant high chair.  But let me tell you, she has been loving it.  So very very happy to be at the table with her bubbas.
And check out that hair!  Is it just cracking you up?  It went through this phase a couple of weeks ago where this is all it would do.  But this week it has been back to it's normal baby mohawky self.  It was actually so very long and luscious that I put a bow in it.  You know,without a headband.  But I haven't downloaded those pics yet, so they will have to wait.

She's so very casual, right?  I love her!!

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Michelle said...

Cute, cute!!