Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wyatt's birthday!

So far since Wy has been old enough to celebrate we have combined the boys birthdays into one party since they are so close together.  And in the past we didn't want to stress Noah out with the concept of his "real" birthday and then the party on a separate day, so we just let him think the party day was the real day.  But this year we let the whole truth out and basically blew their minds. :)

So we decided that on their actual birthdays they would wake up to the kitchen decorated and then they can have whatever breakfast they want.  Wyatt requested orange julius and birthday cake.  A pink birthday cake with sprinkles  to be exact.  And you know Wyatt loves Mickey Mouse in a way that Noah never has, so we dug down into the extra party decor box and Wyatt was thrilled with the results!

We also gave him his present from us, which this year was really cut back on due to our financial situation.  But let me tell you, this boy just LOVES his coin counting machine.  What kind of 4 year old dreams of getting one of these?  Well, Wyatt does.  There is not much that Wyatt loves more than coins.  Specifically putting coins into all kinds of containers - bags, boxes, and basically anything that will open up.  The boys were so excited about it they immediately went and got their piggy banks and starting counting out how much they had.  They each counted out about $20 worth of coins which we then let them take to Target to use.  So really he got an extra toy with that money!  They both spent their money on Nerf guns!  Wyatt is also obsessed with Nerf.

Noah and Annie got Wyatt an Oglo paddle ball set, which he loves.  It glows in the dark, you know, for all the times we let them stay up till it is dark and play ball.  Which is never.  But they like playing with it in our closet!
I just can't believe my little boy is 4!  He is so very proud of himself and keeps saying that there are all kinds of things he can do now that he couldn't a couple of weeks ago.  Love, love, love him!

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