Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bowling Party!

It's hard to believe my boys are now officially 6 and 4!  Truly seems like they were wee babes not too long ago.  But I am really excited about this time in their life.  So much fun to see them grow up into little boys instead of tots.  And I love to see them grow together as best friends.  It seems so natural for them to celebrate their birthdays together, since they are so close.  It works out well that they are only 2 weeks apart. And this year they decided on a theme/event together, and that was bowling!  I was very happy cause that made for an easy party for me.  I didn't have to buy plates and stuff, which was a bit sad, but also a relief with all that has been going on. 

I can't speak for all of the kids, but I know mine had a blast.  They were especially excited that all of their friends were able to come.  Most of the time half the people we know are sick on any given day, so this was a rare treat for them.  It looks like we missed some shots of a few of the kids, so sorry if I didn't get them!  I'm actually quite impressed with Joshua for having this many good shots with all those kids bowling at the same time.
Of course we had cake.  Actually cupcakes, cause that is what Noah requested.  I was able to make a cake tower for each of them, which makes me happy cause as much as I love combining them, I want them to know that they are each special and deserve their own!  So of course Wy had chocolate and Noah wanted white.  I was pleased with how the marshmallow fondant and bowling pins came out. Josh and I weren't sure there for a while as we molded them.  But the red stripes helping pull them off as actually being bowling pins.  I love how serious Wyatt gets about blowing out candles!

The boys each got their own bowling pin which all of their friends signed.   Where I am going to keep these, I have no idea.  Right now they are still clunking around in the back of the van. :) 

 And of course, what party would be complete without presents?  You know I am anti-opening-the-presents-at-the-party, but I made an exception this time.  My house was just too messy to even let the grandparents come over afterwards to open.  So we did it at the alley and it went better than I expected.  Our friends were so generous and the boys just adore each toy.  Wyatt's big wish list this year of course centered around balls and Hot Wheels type toys.  And Noah was all super hero - lots of Thor and Iron Man.  And what about Annie?

Well, she was not such a fan of the party.  She fussed and was quite unhappy most of the time.  Till she puked all over herself and then cried herself to sleep.  I guess bowling is not her thing! :) And that concludes the longest post ever!

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