Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Can I tell you with all that has been going on I really can hardly remember Easter?  All I know is that I was so happy I had bought outfits and Easter basket stuff months before so I didn't have any last minute scrambling. And it was so nice Josh was home to go to church with us, even if it was because he has leukemia.  :)  Could they possibly be any cuter?  Very hard to get a shot of all three of them looking at the camera, and then girly had to stick her thumb in her mouth. 

This is probably my favorite picture of all time of my big boy!  I love how it is a bit blown out, and those shruggy shoulders, and those little curls of too long hair in front of his ears.  Agghh, everything I love about the boy.  And that smirky little smile.
And this little monkey is just too cute.  He was quite grumpy and did not want a photo shoot under any circumstances.  But he was happy to cuddle with Annie's bunny so we were able to snap a few shots of sir grumpy pants.
And this little girl was quite happy to pose for some pictures.  She really loves having her picture taken, and always hams it up for Josh.  Don't you just want to pinch that pouty little bottom lip?

I just wanted to post a few of the shots we took of them in their cute clothes - hopefully I can blog the rest of the Easter events later in the week.  Geeze, I have a lot to catch up on!

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