Friday, May 27, 2011

Teething biscuits!

Seriously, could there be anything grosser than the way teething biscuits just turn to mush all over your baby?  I remember after Noah had one and it was such a mess we went straight to homemade bread sticks. And all Wy ever had was homemade.  If you can believe it this little girl actually has turned down my banana bread sticks!  Broke my heart just a smidge.  So now she gets those awful store kind.
Doesn't she just look so happy, though?  And so teeny!  I need to put something in her seat so she can actually sit higher than the tray!  I don't think she will be this little for too long.  We switched to the fastest flow nipples and she has been sucking down the formula!  Finally up to 8 ounces for each bottle.  And you can tell!  Her little turkey legs have fattened up and I am loving every little bit of pudge!

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Mark and Corrie said...

You have to get the MumMums! They are the rice cake ones right by the teething biscuits. Landrie loved them, and best of all, they are really, really clean. :)
I'm so glad to hear Josh's 1st day back went well. I'm praying for him to be wide awake! Maybe an audio book???