Friday, June 03, 2011

Homeschool handwriting!

So we are just beginning the journey of officially teaching little Wy.  Last week he began his "Get Ready for the Code" book and he is doing really well.  I am quite surprised cause he has shown absolutely no interest or ability as far as letters and reading goes.  When Noah was this age he knew all the letters and their sounds.  Wyatt could care less!!!  He wants to "do school" but he really just means play with the art supplies.  So we decided to combine the two thing and did some handwriting with fingerpaints.  Since Joshua wasn't back at work yet he snapped some sweet shots.

Noah J got in on the action until the paint got into a little cut on his finger.  The boy truly fell apart!  His sad little face just melts my heart!  He seems so grown up all the time, until I see a picture like this and then I realize how itty bitty he still is.  Love him!

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