Sunday, June 05, 2011

Noah's Birthday

So I'm a few weeks late on it, but we had a lovely little celebration for Noah's birthday last month.  If you remember we decided that this year each boy would get a birthday cake breakfast and some special plates and cupcakes on their actual birthday morning.  Well Noah J got dinosaur plates and sadly a cake from the store.  He specifically requested a store cake, so that's what he got. 
I have truly never met another child that loves birthdays as much as Noah.  He thinks about it all year long, and really relishes celebrating with his friends.  Of course this year was the first year for this special family mini party, so I'm hoping next year he will look forward to this day just as much as the real party.

His brother got him a bat man car, which was quite a hit.  Wyatt was so pleased with himself that he had to give his crazy crooked smile.  :)
And from Mom and Dad he got a big, huge Toothless that makes this horrible screeching sound.  Just what he has been wanting!  He asked for it for Christmas but didn't get it, so he was super excited with this.

I can't even imagine that he has been a part of our lives for 6 years!  We talked to him a lot about how special he was to us cause he was our first baby.  We showed him pictures of the day he was born and he was really into it.  He was especially tickled that he was our smallest baby - he couldn't believe he was smaller than Annie!  He also thought it was hysterical that Josh stuck his finger into his diaper and got poop on it.  I really love to talk to him about how much we loved him before he even took his first breath, how we adored him as a baby, and how much more precious he is to us now.  Love my sweet little baby Noah J.

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