Saturday, June 04, 2011

Swimming pools!

You know it is officially summer when the last three weeks worth of photos we have are all in a pool of some sort!  :)  I am tempted to hop right in with the kids cause it has been so very very hot!  Of course our pool from last year had a hole in it so we got a new one for this year.  And we just couldn't resist this cute tiny one for Annie.  And she loved it even though the water was frigid!
The kids had so much fun cause Maddie came over, but sadly now they don't want to swim unless they have a friend to swim with!  Last night we pulled the pool out and they didn't play in it, other than to throw a whole bunch of plastic tools and string into it and declare it was a mouse trap.  Not sure where they come up with this stuff.  :) It didn't take long for the big kids to figure out that the tiny pool could be lots of fun too!

And of course the day ended with the familiar refrain, "Momma, would you wrap me up please?"  I think that is their favorite part of swimming!

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