Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Written Apologies!

I finally figured out how to transfer the pics from my phone to the computer so I can get started on a huge batch of blogging.  I found this picture and just had to share.  My memory is so fuzzy at this point I don't even remember what Wyatt did, but he sure felt bad about it.  I sent him to his room and when I went back to check on him I found this note taped to his door.  It says " Not sleeping mom.  Sorry for acting bad. will you forgive me? " And then I'm not exactly sure what the last line says, but he was trying to say "please write back".  And then he taped a pencil to the paper so I could write back whether or not I forgave him, LOL.  Oh my goodness, how can you even be angry any more when you see something like this?   I have a bunch of other apologies he has written us.  I'll have to scan them all in before I can't remember what they say.  Love this boy!

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